Kumasi, Ghana

IMG_1525On the 8th of February it rained a lot in the evening here in Kumasi and it was very windy too. It rained to an extent that my room was like Lake Volta. The whole evening Issah and Maimunatu helped me with drying the floors in the rooms.

At work: I have contacted several diplomatic missions (embassies and consulates) in Ghana to promote the activities of our organization. Last week I taught the Muslim women English at our non formal education programme.

Last week I bought five DVD movies; “A Lot Like Love”, “Hooligans”, “Stateside”, “Madagascar” and “Failure To Launch” and this week I have bought two audio CDs with Lucky Dube; “Serious Reggae Business” and “Soul Taker”. I really like his music, he’s a reggae artist from South Africa.

Mail: last week I received ten packages of goods which my mother sent with things mostly to give out. I also received three postcards and two letters.

Pictures of Mr Erik; I have added two pictures of myself, so I hope that the ones that have been asking for it are happy now. Hehe, I know some of you will laugh when you see the picture with me and the sunglasses.

The last couple of days I have been sweating a lot; it’s been around +35 degrees Celsius during the daytime.

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  1. My dear son,
    Five days delayed I arrived Accra on Thursday March 1st. Got a very nice welcome by you, Mr Abu and two of his brothers Zach and Issah. Glad that you decided to stay in Accra over the night. Some parts of the roads are very bad, especially where there are road constructions. The people drives like they risk their lives + the cars are in a very bad condition. The people in Ghana are very friendly. It is amazing how affirmative and smiling the children can be. The serious orphans listen to you very hard, as they look forward to a better life and will not follow the adults behavior and thoughts. During this week you and Issah have really taken care of me. So even Mr. Abu and Mohammed when they are around. I am forbidden to do any ground service at all. I hope this will go on even when I come home and my Swedish gentlemen will follow this rule.

    Look forward going to the northern part of Ghana on Sunday. The temperature there will be around + 40 degrees Celcius, so I will for sure even look forward going to the beach. Dream you can always do, but to put the fact in reality is another thing. We will do visit the Cape Coast when I return to Accra.

    Take care and be strong as always,

    Lots of love and hugs Mamma

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